Welcome to my website

Hello and welcome to my site. I am Upal Mahbub, a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Rama Chellappa in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Maryland, College Park. Previously, I was an Assistant Professor with the Department of EEE, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and currently I am on study leave. I have earned my M.Sc and B.Sc degrees from the Dept. of EEE, BUET.


I love traveling and hanging out with friends. I have much interest about different nations, cultures and languages. During my 2nd year in undergraduate studies I learned german in Goethe Institut Bangladesh and attended the ZD and Test Daf exams. Before joining BUET as a faculty, I also worked as a part time language instructor at Goethe Institut for several months. The method of teaching at Goethe Institut is quite different but much more effective then the general teaching methodologies followed in Bangladesh. I went through some training sessions at goethe institut before joining the workforce there and learned many great aspects of teaching. Apart from these, I love reading novels and story books very much. I am also very fond of movies and musics.


My research interest is Computer vision and pattern recognition. Currently I am working on face detection and recognition systems from video and still images. I am also interested in audio signal processing, especially acoustic Echo and Noise Cancellation, action and gesture recognition from video data etc. 

This website will contain useful information for the students about the courses taken by me and various other topics. I would also like to share more about myself through this site.


25/02/2015 01:19

ENEE 631 Project Files

Hi, I just uploaded all my reports and matlab codes for the projects that I did as part of ENEE 641: Video and Image processing at UMD. The projects ranges from histogram equalization to blurring and motion compensation. E-mail me with any problem. Enjoy!


25/12/2011 18:57

EEE-303: Digital Electronics - Assignment Distribution

The distribution of assignments for the students of L3/T1/Sec C of term Aug. 2011 has been uploaded in the For Students->EEE-303 section of this website. The students are advised to submit the assignments within the deadline.


12/09/2011 15:52

EEE 303: Digital Electronics

Information about the EEE 304 course syllabus, reference book and topics have been updated in the for student section of the site. For direct link click here.


28/03/2011 11:31

EEE-495: Class Test Marks Uploaded

The marks of Class Test 1 (held on 28 March 2011) of EEE 495: Real Time Computer System, has been uploaded here.


22/03/2011 20:08

EEE 316 Project Distribution

The term project titles (with references) of EEE-316: Microprocessor and Interfacing Laboratory has been uploaded in the students' section.


16/03/2011 19:43

Information Update in Student's Page

Information about the course EEE 495: Real Time Computer Systems has been added to the student's section of this webpage.


06/03/2011 09:22

EEE-315 course assignement distribution

The students of EEE-315 are asked to submit a simulation of a 4-bit personal computer within 9th week (sharp). The assignmet distribution is uploaded in the students' file section of this webpage.


05/09/2010 14:53

EEE-315 Assignment submission closed

The submission deadline of the class assignment "Simulation of a 4-bit PC" of EEE-315 has been reached. No more submission will be accepted from now on.


05/09/2010 14:52

Labsheets Uploaded

The labsheets of EEE-492, EEE-304 and EEE-306 has been uploaded in the student's section of this site.